Myths About Criminal Defense Lawyers Debunked

Criminal defense cases aren’t a joke, and they can have a serious and ling lasting effect on your life if you’re convicted. For example, you might face social problems, or problems in finding a job after getting out of jail as your background will no longer be clear. That’s why many people are afraid of having criminal charges put against them.

However, hiring one of the Los Angeles suggested criminal lawyers can always prove helpful in defending yourself from the allegations put against you. But there are lots of myths regarding these cases out there. That’s why we will debunk some myths related to criminal cases today.

Public Defenders Are as Good as Private Attorneys

Public defenders are always available for anyone charged with a criminal offense who doesn’t have enough financial means to afford a private criminal defense lawyer. In fact, access to a public defender is counted as a fundamental right of every citizen under the US Constitution.

While public defenders are also very experienced, they usually have a ton of cases to defend for their clients. That’s why they can’t give their 100% to your case. This is the main reason why a public defender can never be as good as a private attorney working exclusively on your case. So, if you have the financial means to hire a private criminal defense attorney, you shouldn’t skip this step.

Every Criminal Defense Attorney is The Same

This isn’t true at all, because just like any other profession, there are both good and bad attorneys in this field as well. The main difference comes in the years of experience they have. Experienced attorneys usually have links with prosecutors as well which they can use to benefit your case.

So, never consider every criminal defense lawyer equal, and only hire an experienced lawyer for your case.